Open Book Discussion: Healing

We kicked our open book night (bible discussion in the pub) off with reading Mark chapter 1 verses 29-34 and then looking through this sermon by Nadia Bolz-Weber about it.

We first chatted about our immediate responses to reading it… wandered around discussions on the concepts of evil spirits, our experiences, or lack therof, Cultural constructs, Evil in oppressive structures in society, equality/not, our lives, bible interpretation, growing to know God better, love, sacrifice, submission, service, Greenbelt festival and somewhere along the line, the text & the sermon 🙂

The highlight for me the idea that we are all, to pinch a phrase, broken healers (like the nameless mother-in-law here), and in recognising that we can dispense God’s grace to one another. Perhaps sometime we can try doing their ‘open space’ plan:

“during Open Space, a 10 minute time after the sermon where we reflect and respond to the Gospel, we had a couple healing prayer stations set up where people were prayed over and their hands blessed and anointed with oil. Then they changed placed and did the same for the next person”


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