I-Rated Sept 2010

Just re-organising web pages and this page was orphaned. It now has a home…

Sept 2010

Villagers - Becoming a Jackal (CD - Rated by Rosemary)

The Lemon Tree DVD 2008 Rated by Simon

Jeremy Hardy vs. The Israeli Army (DVD 2003 Rated by Simon)

I very sneakily selected two DVDs on a similar theme that coincided with the major emphasis of the Greenbelt 2010 festival, the latter of which was shown there (with Jeremy Hardy interviewed. The Lemon Tree tells the story of a Palestinian widow whose lemon grove, her only meager source of income left to her by her husband, becomes under threat of destruction when the Israeli Defense Minister moves in next door. Her quest to fight to save what she owns brings her into conflict not only with her new neighbour, the security forces and, eventually, the Supreme Court, but also with her own community who see the fight and her relationship with her lawyer as bringing disrespect to her late husband. In Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army, the wise cracking R4 panel show regular actually fades into the background as he spends time with members of the International Solidarity Movement during the siege of Bethlehem, 2002. What comes to the front is the story of the director Leila Sansour and the other brave, if not a little crazy, activists with her. In very different ways the films document the injustice suffered by Palestinians under occupation and the various non-violent ways that injustice has been resisted.
This Is It (DVD 2010 - Rated by Paul)

I watched this film about Michael’s Jackson’s last concert and was struck by how people really wanted to believe he was more than a man. He still had some pretty impressive moves, but I can confirm he was still a man. It was a little uncomfortable to see how all his team would basically agree with whatever he said – bending reality around him. Do people hanker after the divine? That was my slight feeling after watching ‘This is it’. And moonwalk off stage left…. Paul

Last Child in The Woods:Saving Our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder Richard Louv (Book - Rated by Dan)

Danny & the champions of the world - streets of our time (CD - Rated by Davina)

Tis a band I saw at Greenbelt, an unexpected discovery that had me & my friend dancing like loons to their folk songs. Bought the CD at the time, which is obviously totally different to seeing them live (so much energy there between all the musicians & the audience), but nevertheless good. Being folk/country based there’s plenty of catchy tunes, but also the stories in the songs that you can connect to, or at least which I connect too. – Davina

Douglas Coupland – Hey Nostradamus

This is a story of the aftermath of a Columbine – type school massacre. There story is split into – Cheryl, a teenage gril shot in the massacre but observing her freinds and family. Jason , the sweetheart of Cheryl whose live is permanently affected by the incident, Jason’s father and Jason’s later partner. The story shows how lives are shattered – and there is a tragic but real sense of spirituality throguout the whole story


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