Opening ritual at The Grove #gb40

Well its arrived and welcome to anyone who has joined The Grove, passed by with curiosity or scanned our QR code just because you could!

The circle is more beautiful that we could imagine, thanks to the wonderful collective of forest churchers, foragers, nChanters and barnonians. We are especially proud of our healing herb pathway which we feel really reflects cycle of seasons, life and the connectedness of our humanity with nature and Gods divinity through the man-God Christ. We have learnt so much about the useful, beautiful abundant plant life God has blessed is with and I hope you enjoy(ed) it too.

I spent the afternoon working out the final harmonies for the closing song at our fire circle tomorrow night and I do hope you can join us for a little piece of sacred fire as the sun goes down.

Well, as I sit outside our tent listening to the nChant guys’ song (seriously, if you haven’t been to one of their events, you’re missing out!) I am so grateful for the beautiful, creative, messy space which is greenbelt. Full of possibility! Enjoy!

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