“Church” by Samir Dawatly

A friend, colleague and co-conspirator shared this poem with me. I think a lot of us have a difficult relationship with Church and, if we do as humans, God certainly does.


And while I’m away
I’m leaving the fiancée in charge
Have you met her?
She’s the one
Who behaves like a whore
Has been unfaithful
On numerous occasions
Been violent
Lusted after fame
And fortune
But what can I do?
I love her endlessly
She’s my bride
And even
If she’s messed
With your own heart
And head
You should love her
And live with her too
Apart from second hand words
She’s all you’ve got
Of me

(c) Samir Dawalaty 2013

See samirdawalty.wordpress.com for more.


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