St Patrick’s Fangirl…

So this Sunday evening at the pub, everyone had to put up with my rambling about how much of a fan of St Patrick (the historical figure) I am and spouting everything I could recall about him. Fortunately someone much more eloquent has done a decent blog about him here… so I’m just going to cut and paste a summary:

“St Patrick probably came from Dumbarton on the Clyde, not far from the Castle of the Muses.. which in those days was Welsh speaking (meaning St Patrick was actually Welsh or Cymric). He was forcibly taken  to Ireland as a slave, then escaped, and later went back as a Christian teacher and saint and managed, totally non-violently, to get the majority of Irish Druids and ordinary people, to accept Christ as “one of them” since the Christ of the Gospels was so like the Druids themselves in spirit and purpose and nature. The great Druid colleges and academies slowly became the great monastic schools of Ireland and their famed love of learning flourished for centuries…”

I did also find a few other entertaining St Patrick related links that I thought I’d share with our one lonesome occasional reader…

st patrick driving snakes








Following on from the bad puns, a commentary on the national geographic “article” on the topic from the Beaker Folk.

And a fairly entertaining depiction of St Patrick spotted on this blog…

Some say he looks like Gandalf, but in that picture he rather reminded me of Saruman…

And then a little entertaining Lutheran Satire to finish…


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