Psalms ???

Thought I’d share a little of our musings on the Psalms last Sunday evening, hopefully the handwriting’s legible enough…

But first off, we started with a few little brainstorms… what jumps to mind when you think of…


20150131_205805[1] 20150131_205756[1] 20150131_205743[1]









Then we did a MAHOOSIVE brain storm on how these things can look in the bible… to be fair this diagram looks more like a spider (covered in paint and full of caffeine) hiked all over the paper, but hopefully some of you have the gift of interpreting tongues…






I suppose it could all be summed up in one word though… variety… much more varied than our first three lists for sure. Every human emotion is there, including sorrow and anger…


Which brought us on to looking at three Psalms – placed together deliberately, and yet very varied in the experiences they describe… Psalms 22, 23, and 24.

After discussing the themes we found in these, we found a few musical versions of them to peruse:

also managed to find this garden of Psalm 23:

or for a different style:


We finished with our own (quieter) creative responses:

20150125_213835[1] 20150125_213845[1]





















And as I logged in to load up these pictures, I found a favourite blog had posted something pertinent to this…



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