Up the effluent stream without a means of propulsion.

So here we are,  the dawning of a new era is upon us.  The powers that be have started to edge us close to a legal Brexit that takes us out the EU and with our new buddies in a New America. Woo woo, excited? Fearful?  Well we should be both!

Well, if you have survived the social media woahs and everything else then you should know by now that no one seems to know what will happen.  So if there is any assurance to be had it is we are going into an unknown and that it will be good and will be bad.  However putting on a stiff upper English lip then we will get by.  Going by the true Welshman that I am then it is going to be a naff state of affairs for Wales.  Though I should think positively about all this, I admit.  So  I started to wonder are things going to be that bad?  I have seen and read some of the comments coming out of the EU and their view on Britain and I find myself drifting a little to the right.  What I find a little upsetting of late is the super farrrrrrrrrrrrr right and the super farrrrrrrrrrr left seem to be very unhelpful to any of this for either.  Violence from both sides doesn’t seem to be great even when it is baiting the otherside to react.  There are those that have a sense of national pride and love their country as well as those that want to see people treated fairly.  If I knew the plan for Brexit I might well have voted out but there wasn’t one.

So anyhow, I decided to reign things in and look at them from a different perspective.  The kingdom of Heaven is a kingdom which has boundaries, it might not be marked in concrete walls with its Pearly-Gates but it seems to indicate a vetting process of a kind and God ruling all.  I guess it is a heart kind vetting process as opposed to skin.  It does however seem to be about a person’s perspective to Jesus and their attitude to him.  Not what you are passionate about but what you think of Him.  Him; Jesus, seems to sway to the left and the Kingdom of Heaven seems to sway to the Right and seems to be an uncomfortable pill to want to swallow.

So for me that reality seems to indicate you can be both.  I guess a kingdom needs to have boundaries as a kingdom says ‘territory’ and Jesus was fairly clear on how you get in.     Sovereignty is an issue I feel is important and should be respected for all.  Addressing the root cause should be a concern for the world.  A person should feel that they can make their home country, whether they are British born or Syrian born, their own.  The World should be paying attention and addressing this.  At the moment there is a lot of effluent bubbling around us and no sign of it subsiding until the plug is pulled.  Now it is a waiting game.




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