Come Healing

I just had the privilege of sharing a few wonderful hours in the company of the amazing Leonard Cohen, who played Cardiff in his current world tour. I know this sounds like I'm bragging, and I am, but for me Leonard and Pubchurch are intimately associated. Primarily this is because if it weren't for Bill … Continue reading Come Healing


“Church” by Samir Dawatly

A friend, colleague and co-conspirator shared this poem with me. I think a lot of us have a difficult relationship with Church and, if we do as humans, God certainly does.ChurchPosted on September 2, 2013And while I’m away I’m leaving the fiancée in charge Have you met her? Yes She’s the one Who behaves like … Continue reading “Church” by Samir Dawatly

Opening ritual at The Grove #gb40

Well its arrived and welcome to anyone who has joined The Grove, passed by with curiosity or scanned our QR code just because you could! The circle is more beautiful that we could imagine, thanks to the wonderful collective of forest churchers, foragers, nChanters and barnonians. We are especially proud of our healing herb pathway … Continue reading Opening ritual at The Grove #gb40

Fire at the Heart of the Earth / Healing Herbs Pathway

I'm unsure how much to say about the frantic preparation that's going on at Casa del PubChurch this week in anticipation of Greenbelt. I don't want to give anything away, but I would like to drop some tasters for those who might stumble upon our little collective at Greenbelt. It has involved: welding, pyrography, collecting … Continue reading Fire at the Heart of the Earth / Healing Herbs Pathway