Planning evening: Tonight 7pm

Tonight will be an evening to catch up post summer recess, find ours what everyone enjoyed at Greenbelt or, for those who didn't make it, what else we've seen and learnt. Most of all it's an opportunity to get together and plan for this term. We shall certainly do some more of the regular events: … Continue reading Planning evening: Tonight 7pm


Wheel of the Year

R brought along her Calender that she'd ordered from here: Mystic Christ: Wheel of Year Calender Very Beautiful and lots of ideas for future celebrations. Plenty of food for meditation on the website/ facebook page also. I particularly appreciated the advice for wet gray days, to go outside to a woodland and smell the damp … Continue reading Wheel of the Year

Aug 1 – Calan Awst, Lammas, Lughnasadh, First Fruits

Thought I would like to share this meditation on the turn of the year today, based it around being able to follow links on the internet to get to various stages, so it fits better with the blog format, I think. Bread is on the table – Celebrating Lammas (folkonthefarm) A church intro to … Continue reading Aug 1 – Calan Awst, Lammas, Lughnasadh, First Fruits