Wet but wonderful Greenbelt Day 2

I think we were all surprised by exactly how much water can fall from the sky in such a short space of time, but now, sat with a beer and the kids nestled in a mostly dry tent, with a beautiful sunset peering over my shoulder, I can't help but thank God for the miracle … Continue reading Wet but wonderful Greenbelt Day 2

Greenbelt Day 1

Well I'm waiting in the queue for Peterson Toscano (not like me to be early, I got the time wrong) so I thought Id do a Day 1 update. We fortunately arrived early enough for me to get the tent up before the rain, and indeed before my family arrived with the rest of the … Continue reading Greenbelt Day 1

Greenbelt 2012: Saving Paradise

It's nearly upon us and boy are we excited! A few Barnonians will be at Greenbelt this year and we are going to try to camp together. You may spot our banner, created by the wonderful Paul, complete with QR code leading people to this site. If that's you, Croeso! I'm particularly excited by Peterson … Continue reading Greenbelt 2012: Saving Paradise