Psalms ???

Thought I'd share a little of our musings on the Psalms last Sunday evening, hopefully the handwriting's legible enough... But first off, we started with a few little brainstorms... what jumps to mind when you think of...                   Then we did a MAHOOSIVE brain storm on how … Continue reading Psalms ???


Definition of a Christian

An interesting article that speaks to our group about how Christians are defined. 'God meets us in our mess and pushes holiness out the other side... the real stuff. The holiness that serves the poor, prays without ceasing, redeems the arts, loves enemies, elevates community above corporate success, and preaches the life-giving Gospel of … Continue reading Definition of a Christian

The Comfort Zone

I was trying to think why I consider our community the cornerstone of my life in this city... and then I cam across this Poem: The Comfort Zone. It's describing a different community, but it seemed apt... yes I'm feeling soppy at the moment...