Planned events will be listed here. Events may be subject to change so please email via contact page to confirm. If you leave your number, we can text reminders/ alterations. Likely venues are homes, pubs, and the great outdoors. Usual timing is 7.30 start when meeting in evening, and a lunch or afternoon event if with kids.

The rough guide for the Diary will be:

1st Sunday of Month: Small Ritual (Interactive time of meditation, worship, contemplative prayer, music, reflection and art) – DD planning, venue likely to vary.

2nd Sunday of Month: iRated and iRanted (reviews of anything that has inspired, music, art, book, film, etc., discussion of the news and daily life) – Flora Pub, Cathays.

3rd Sunday of Month: Openbook  (Informal bible study and discussion) or Video Drome (movie clips or feature film to inspire and discuss) – DR hosting.

4th Sunday of Month:  Pub meet up (to be arranged on ad-hoc basis) – Flora Pub, Cathays.

5th Sunday of Month: Last Supper Club – Pub Lunch (or picnic) KW plan.

Dates Booked in the Diary for coming months:


Cardiff is a vibrant city with a wide reaching community and at times certain events have taken place that members here feel a sense of connection or belonging too.  These events will also be advertised here should others wish to show solidarity/support to the cause and each other.  In the past themes have focussed around refugees, homelessness, sexuality  and gender equality.