Time and Choices

On Sunday (27th May) we talked about time – the different choices we have, and what it means to ‘feel right’ about doing things at a certain time. For example, welding in a shed on a hot sunny day would appear to be a bad time to do this. But how do we determine the best time to do things? These decisions can be affected by both internal and external factors. The internal sense of the ‘right time’ could be called intuition, a spirtual leading, or maybe fate.

On Monday I went to see a film – and call it fate, spiritual leading or fate, but it couldn’t have been more relevant to the discussion we’d had on Sunday. The film is called ‘Jeff who lives at home’ and is about a guy, Jeff, who believes there’s purpose in all things. A really interesting film which I’d definitely recommend. Catch it in cinemas now. Paul


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