Come Healing

I just had the privilege of sharing a few wonderful hours in the company of the amazing Leonard Cohen, who played Cardiff in his current world tour. I know this sounds like I'm bragging, and I am, but for me Leonard and Pubchurch are intimately associated. Primarily this is because if it weren't for Bill … Continue reading Come Healing

Saving Grace

From TV series "Saving Grace": One time around the block two times around the clock three times don't cross the little lady So pretty and oh so bold got a heart full of gold on a lonely road she said "I don't even think that God can save me" (Am I) gaining ground (Am I) … Continue reading Saving Grace

Greenbelt Day 4: paradise in the mire. #gb12

Although the rain fell and the mud thickened (and in some places, turned to soup) there was almost a carnival atmosphere on site today. The last full day of the festival is always bitter-sweet as people begin to pack up and light squares of turf appear around your own tent. Today more so than normal … Continue reading Greenbelt Day 4: paradise in the mire. #gb12

Greenbelt day 3: Mud and sun

You know you're at Greenbelt when you are wearing Wellies and worrying about sunburn. That was the experience at the communion this morning. The front section was a cordoned off quagmire but our spirits we less than dampened! The elements theme of fire, water, earth and wind was beautifully demonstrated in a parade of flags, … Continue reading Greenbelt day 3: Mud and sun