Greenbelt Day 1

Well I’m waiting in the queue for Peterson Toscano (not like me to be early, I got the time wrong) so I thought Id do a Day 1 update. We fortunately arrived early enough for me to get the tent up before the rain, and indeed before my family arrived with the rest of the gear (it being my habit to abandon the car and get to site of foot).

Day 1 is all about orientation. Finding out what venues are new etc. I was impressed to see TWO Tiny Tea Tents, which will make using it as a meeting point confusing. The new kids play area between the village tent and playhouse is great. The stables were lovely, but a bit claustrophobic. There are a host of new venues: GTV, the living room, InSense I’m yet to check out.

Highlights so far have been making junk craft with my boys in the Hub (check out the dragons) and seeing Shane Claibourne and Tony Campolo in the book signing. Two of my favourite writers together who are really loving te gospel.

Theres lots to look forward to, especially a rumour of a certain ecclesiastical event in the Jesus Arms tomorrow night at 9pm!

Well the queue is moving….



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