Wet but wonderful Greenbelt Day 2

I think we were all surprised by exactly how much water can fall from the sky in such a short space of time, but now, sat with a beer and the kids nestled in a mostly dry tent, with a beautiful sunset peering over my shoulder, I can’t help but thank God for the miracle that is Greenbelt.

The weather didn’t dampen spirits. The venue managers and MCs seemed upbeat and resilient, as did the audiences. It was amazing to see all the hard working site team out digging drainage ditches to save the hastily, and sometimes unwisely, pitched tents from being washed away.

Since having children, daytimes are family time and we enjoyed some wonderfully interactive drama from Blunderbuss and NoNonsense theatre companies (the former seeming to think it important to get us as wet inside the Play House as we would have been outside). We also enjoyed the Make and Take: I even completed a fully sewn plush felt Bird of Paradise, when I usually can’t sew a button onto my work trousers!

Music: we enjoyed the immensely fun and slightly anarchic Weapons of Sound on main stage just as the heavens opened. And I’m grateful to ‘Hunting Bears’ and ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ for hypnotising my boys into a dream state with exquisite folk. Shame the walk back to the tent for bed woke them up!

Thanks to the team in the Angels lounge for free tea and coffee, phone charging, comfy cushions and, well, dryness today. It was a great little oasis and we timed it well to listen to the Taize sing-a-long drift in from over the grandstand.

So I’ll enjoy my beer, my book from the bookstore (The Queer Bible Commentary, inspired by Peterson Toscano last night) and the sound of Charlie Simpson drifting over the clear sunset sky. This IS paradise!


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